About Anse Royale

The best areas for snorkeling are around the rocks at Fairy Land and up to the small island of Ile Souris just off the coast. This is where you will be able to enjoy myriad and brightly coloured coral fish.

The beach here is enclosed behind a reef, which keeps the water tranquil and safe for swimming throughout the year. Currents can be deceptively strong, thus it is advisable not to swim out too far.

Anse Royale Beach Anse Royale Beach Anse Royale Beach

Things To Do in Anse Royale


The Jardin Du Roi is a historic spice garden originally established by the French in the 18th century.  The spice garden offers visitors a unique experience to explore local spices and rare and endemic plants. Jardin Du Roi is located around 5 -10 minutes drive from Au Fond De Mer View Self Catering.

Jardin Du Roi Jardin Du Roi Jardin Du Roi

Dining out

There are a few restaurants and take aways  within walking distance.  This includes Kafe Kreol Restaurant, Ole Restaurant and Le Relax Restaurant.  Guests can enjoy Creole and International cuisine from any of the restaurants.

Ole Restaurant Les Dauphinx Heureux Restaurant Le Relax Restaurant

Snorkelling and Swimming

The Anse Royale and Fairy Land beach is among the best place for snorkelling with calm and average depth waters & clear view. The beach is regularly visited by couples, families and groups for swimming, snorkeling, or picnics.

Anse Royale Beach Anse Royale Beach Anse Royale Beach